Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm a baking nut

I find baking very relaxing, so from time to time, I cook for no reason.  This week is one of those random baking weeks.

I needed to kill some time before taking my mother to her surprise birthday party, so I thought I'd pull out a few of my favorite old recipes.

This is my Granny's old recipe book, and it is one of my favorite books to cook from.

The recipes from the Betty Crocker cookbook just make me happy.  I love the graphics and the way the recipes are presented.  However, I do have my own special book that I keep all my favorite recipes in.

I have been adding to this for over a decade.  Each recipe in this book has a story.  Some of them are family favorites such as the seven minute frosting my Granny always made for every family holiday.  Some are things people made for me on special occasions like the Italian feast my cousin Bettina made for me as a going away dinner before I left for college.  I took the notion to put together my own book from my Granny, who had a photo album filled with recipes, magazine and news clippings, pictures, and drawings from us.

Here are some pictures of the finished products:

This is a whole wheat banana, apple, raisin muffin.

 Here are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world.  This is a great dunking cookie as they have enough bite to withstand the moisture. 

For those of you who cook, what are your favorite recipes?  Where did you find them? Do any of them have family stories?


  1. That looks so delicious. I have a cookbook that keeps my recipes, but it's been hard to keep track of it. I mostly just place the pages from a magazine in there. I'm trying.

    My favorite to make is spaghetti and I have perfected it over the years. I love it. I don't use Preggo either. My mother taught me this recipee before I went to college.

    The other one she taught me was gravy steaks. The story goes is that my brother used to make it for me and he's the one that taught it to my mother. My mother says otherwise. I just tell him that mom is the one that taught me. And I actually changed it from cream of mush soup to cream of chicken and mush soup (so much better). And that happened because I accidentally bought it instead of cream of mush. Then, my ex roomie added milk to it. It's a great dish!

    I love to bake desserts.

  2. Check out Cooks Country's recipe for the perfect chocolate chip cookies. It involved browning butter. O-to the-M-G

  3. Okay, so my project this week is to learn how to make real pumpkin pie and then pumpkin bread with leftovers. I'm really excited. I will let you know how it goes.

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